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Sell Your Fonts

Want your font to be part of the world’s largest collection of fonts? When you sell with us, you get the chance to reach millions of customers.

1 Submit the font you designed. Our review board of type experts will look it over for quality and completeness.

2 We’ll send you our feedback to let you know if your font needs improvement before we can sell it.

3 If we accept your font, you’ll be invited to sign our contract. We pay you 50% of what the customer pays.

4 You’ll send us the final font files, artwork that shows off your font, information about you as a designer, and how you want your font to be priced.

5 You can promote your font by putting it on sale for a limited time. Promotions appear on our Specials page.

6 We handle all the customer service! We deal with questions about purchasing, using fonts, everything from beginner to expert questions.

7 You’ll be able to check out live sales reports to watch your money as it rolls in.

8 Get paid! We’ll send you money electronically every 30 days.

& Bonus tip for success: make sure you have a good ampersand!

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Submit Your Fonts

We’d love to sell your fonts!

Foundries or individuals wanting to sign up with MyFonts should send fonts and information to Our team will assess your work for originality, quality and completeness.

Please submit the following:

1 Font files
The typical number of first-time font submissions we see is one to three families (or single fonts); but you can submit up to six type families and you can always add more fonts later. Until your foundry has been accepted and an agreement is signed, these files will exclusively be used for review. As a rule, new fonts are released in OTF and/or TTF OpenType formats.
2 Images
Send five images per family submission that demonstrate how you envision the font being presented and used, each sized at 1440x720 pixels and one flag image sized at 400x400 pixels and in either PNG or PDF format. These posters will be used on the family page of each of your fonts if they are accepted. Head over to our Hot New Fonts page for some great examples.
3 Your country
Our Legal folks need this information if we’re to do business with you.
4 Your design background
Are you a new type designer? Recent graduate? Seasoned professional? Tell us a little about yourself and your foundry!

You should receive feedback within one week of submission, but in exceptionally busy periods it may take up to two weeks. For more detailed information about making and selling fonts, read our Foundry Handbook.

Send Us Your Fonts

Submission Guidelines

New foundries will be reviewed by the MyFonts Review Board, our team of specialists who have a track record in typographic research and writing, graphic design, and type design. We request that foundries submit font files of one or more typeface families, which we will assess according to the following criteria:

1 Originality
MyFonts takes originality very seriously. All fonts submitted must be of your own design, created either completely by you or your company.
  • It is not OK to copy glyphs, or parts of glyphs, from any third-party fonts.
  • It is not OK to take the lettering work of a living designer (or even one that has been dead for less than 70 years) and make it into a font without their explicit permission, or the permission of their heirs. The same is true for copyrighted or trademarked logos and lettering owned by a company or organization.
  • It’s downright illegal to use digital font files from others to base your font on – even if you change those files completely.
Legal: The above items can be regarded as plagiarism, and can get you into legal trouble with the copyright holders of the original work. Should we receive a reasonable plagiarism complaint, then MyFonts does not provide legal assistance. We will deactivate fonts pending the outcome of the dispute between the two foundries.

Naming: Designers and foundries are expected to do thorough research concerning the naming and propose a unique, original name for their font families.

2 Technical
MyFonts distributes typefaces designed in professional, industry-established font-making applications including:
  • FontLab Studio
  • Fontographer
  • Glyphs
  • Glyphs Mini
  • RoboFont
  • DTL’s Font Production Suite
  • FontForge
  • TypeTool
  • FontCreator
MyFonts generally will not accept fonts made with the following applications (unless fonts have been further processed with a professional tool):
  • FontStruct
  • ScanFont
  • Any desktop or web-based application that scans your handwriting, or any alphabet, and converts it into a font.
Take time to thoroughly test your fonts before submitting them to MyFonts. This includes making sure that:
  • The fonts install properly on both Mac OS and Windows.
  • The fonts appear correctly in Adobe and Microsoft application font menus.
  • No clipping (of ascenders, descenders or accents) occurs, especially in Microsoft applications.
  • All of the OpenType features function properly in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Letter spacing is even and consistent, and spacing issues in specific letter pairs are solved with kerning.
3 Drawing & Glyphs
The Review Board pays close attention to draftsmanship, i.e. the way a font’s glyphs are drawn. The following factors are important:
  • Overall evenness of all characters in the font, when compared with each other
  • Consistency across the weights/styles of a font family
  • Quality and consistency in the Bézier curves or TrueType splines
  • Each glyph should be drawn with the smallest number of nodes possible.
  • Nodes should be placed on the extremes of curves.
  • All glyphs must be properly positioned regarding the font’s baseline and vertical limits (ascender and descender settings).
  • All overlaps between glyph parts must be removed from font files (you can keep them in your private work files).

For more detailed information about making and selling fonts, read our Basic Foundry Handbook.
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