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Sell Your Fonts

Want your font to be part of the world’s largest collection of fonts? When you sell with us, you get the chance to reach millions of customers.

1 Submit the font you designed. Our review board of type experts will look it over for quality and completeness.

2 We’ll send you our feedback to let you know if your font needs improvement before we can sell it.

3 If we accept your font, you’ll be invited to sign our contract. We pay you 50% of what the customer pays.

4 You’ll send us the final font files, artwork that shows off your font, information about you as a designer, and how you want your font to be priced.

5 You can promote your font by putting it on sale for a limited time. Promotions appear on our Specials page.

6 We handle all the customer service! We deal with questions about purchasing, using fonts, everything from beginner to expert questions.

7 You’ll be able to check out live sales reports to watch your money as it rolls in.

8 Get paid! We’ll send you money electronically every 30 days.

& Bonus tip for success: make sure you have a good ampersand!

Get Started

Get Started

Foundries or individuals wanting to sign up with MyFonts are asked to mail fonts and information to Our review board of type experts will assess your work for originality, quality and completeness.

Please submit the following:

1 Finished font files of the typefaces you wish to propose. The typical number of first-time font submissions is 1 to 3 families (or single fonts). You can submit up to 6 type families. Your files will exclusively be used for review until your foundry is accepted and an agreement signed. As a rule, new fonts are released in OTF and/or TTF OpenType formats.

2 Some concise information about your background and the way you work.

3 Not mandatory, but much appreciated: A very short descriptive text (10-50 words) about each font family.

4 Visuals of how you’d like the font to be presented and used — optional, but they can be helpful as well.

You will usually receive feedback within 3 weeks of submission. In individual cases or exceptionally busy periods this may take up to 40 days. For more detailed information about making and selling fonts, read our Basic Foundry Handbook.

Foundry Handbook